Don’t trust the new pope just because of his liberal attitude

You may have heard of the new pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis I, and his charismatic and liberal attitude. He’s hailed for having a liberal and tolerant attitude towards homosexuality and atheism, trying to call for peace in the recent Syrian quagmire, and calling out capitalism as an idolatry of money over people. This seems like a very appealing pope, a modern pope. However, I am not fooled by this act one bit.

Remember the last pope, Bendedict XVI? The guy who rallied against condoms in Africa to prevent the spread of AIDS? The guy who used to be in the Hitler Youth? The guy who defended those pedophile priests and tried to cover up sex abuse within the Church? The guy who kinda looks like Emperor Palpatine? Well that guy was not only so evil and so hated by many for all the right reasons, but because of his unpopularity, he threatened to tarnish the image of the Catholic Church.

That’s where Papa Frankie comes in. Don’t you see what his liberal and charismatic image is all for? It’s to restore the image of the Catholic Church after Benedict stained it, and make the Church (or Christianity in general) seem nicer and more appealing in the modern age, and thus gain more converts. Christianity has always been finding ways of tricking people into to embracing it; from co-opting and Christianizing pagan holidays so that more people would comfortably adopt the faith, to trying to make itself seem attractive to the young.

So don’t be deceived by the new pope’s seemingly modern, charismatic, progressive attitude. It’s just a way for the Church to restore its image in modern times.


One response to “Don’t trust the new pope just because of his liberal attitude

  1. I agree, I see a lot of people jumping on the Pope Francis bandwagon. However, all of the last few Popes have been relatively benign when compared with popular Evangelical leaders. Even Pope Palpatine looks like a genuine saint next to someone like Pat Robertson.

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