The chthonic path

Almost a week ago, a friend of mine asked if everything was within you, or you within everything, and after that he often mentioned to me that everything is within me, including the outside. Maybe someday I will discuss this idea and it’s implications, but that’s not the point. The point is the chthonic path is where one seeks light, truth, enlightenment, even a highest heaven within yourself, not some God from high above or some external laws. It could also mean finding the true potential of your self from within, and not without, and even drawing power from within. This would mainly be done through chthonic principles.

When one takes the chthonic path, you attain gnosis from within, you undertake a quest to unlock the inner flame, you search for the most primal force to truly discover it, and not just believe, you find divinity from inside you, and the highest heaven in you. It’s about the serpent of power and gnosis. And rather than seek a higher self from outside, or merging with a higher consciousness, you seek the highest potential of your self within you, because chthonic refers to inward, as opposed to outward. It also means not denying your base traits and affinities, not sublimating the animal you in the name of some “God”. There is no mentality that “if God goes then I’m destroyed!”. In this sense, it’s very much related to the Left Hand Path, almost one the same.

According to the website I found this image on, this is the serpent of Zeus. Interesting to think about.

It’s not just found in Satanism, where earthly values are embraced and the self is god, I think this can be found in Hinduism. A Hindu friend of mine from online (who I think is an atheistic Hindu) told me something about Hinduism when I mentioned my philosophy of individualism, freedom, and personal power. He said:

The message from me is “my boy, Hinduism is very much in sync with your philosophy as this is the CONCLUSION of Hinduism Not on the periphery or something you’ll find hidden away'”. This religion tells you that YOU are in charge of your life of (Karma) making sense of the world that you live in (Dharma), not some God or planet. YOU are the Spirit/God you are searching for in the highest heaven (Advaita Vedanta).

I think this makes a terrific point. It’s very much like the chthonic way of finding truth, light, and the highest heaven within you, and not some higher force or consciousness. Though to be fair, it might be his own interpretation, as a lot of Hinduism involves merging with a “supreme power” (the Bhagavad Gita often speaks of this and surrendering the self), but in Hinduism, you can take any path you want and find one’s own truth, so it is individualistic in its way (that and you choose which out of many deities you worship, or none). Perhaps it depends on how one bends beliefs like Hinduism and Buddhism to one’s will.

In closing, the chthonic path is the path of freedom, individuality, self, and personal power, and spirituality and perfection from within. I am still merely walking the path, slowly and surely. But as my good friend tells me, patience is key.

The horned god, another chthonic symbol, and symbol of power and fertility.


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