The central nonsense of the right hand path

This image is here just because of how Right hand path it is.

A friend of mine mentioned something about the right hand path that speaks of its prime nonsense.

Most RHP religions emphasize the idea of attaining union with “God” and dissolving the self and desire. But here’s the problem: if God wanted humans to be one with him and to have no self, why did he create humans to have self and desire in the first place? Doesn’t that contradict the whole point? This probably doesn’t apply in Abrahamism, where humans were supposedly created “perfect”, but then the devil introduced them to “sin” and the tree of knowledge, leading them to selfhood and moving away from “God”, thus justifying the idea of “salvation”. It’d still be nonsense either way though.

Has it ever bugged RHP folk about how God apparently wants humans to give up their self/ego and desire, while simultaneously creating humans to have those things?


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