The cathartic object

What I picture when I hold a ruler.

Whenever I pick up a ruler, or a stick of bamboo, in my mind I picture it as a sword, or sometimes a different weapon in the case of the bamboo stick. I don’t have much of an explanation for it, but all I know is I have the desire to wield and swing sword-like objects and envision an actual sword, and feel myself being a warrior. Thusly, objects that feel like swords are cathartic objects, though weapons themselves could also be cathartic objects, due to the feelings they evoke and the release that using them might provide.

So what if weapons, or objects filling in for weapons, could be used for a spiritual effect. Acting as the warrior in a spiritual way, or in the case of actual weapons, drawing power from the weapons. Wouldn’t that be totally fucking amazing?

Seriously, that’s something that should be tried out.


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