Mind over matter and The Matrix

About a week ago I watched a documentary about the Matrix, and its influenced, and someone related The Matrix to the idea of mind over matter, in the context of Neo having become superhuman and being able to affect the world and matter around him. To me at least, this relates to the idea of influencing the subjective, limited universe via one’s own will and power, if one is powerful enough and has a great enough mind. I don’t mean mind over matter as in traditional brain versus brawn or intelligence versus strength, but rather the power of the will or mind to influence matter.

A friend of mine also believes this mind over matter theme and the bending of reality to one’s own will translates to magic, and that magic also means greater will. I also find the idea of exerting one’s will upon the universe via greater will, and the power of the will and a greater mind, is very familiar in the context of Left Hand Path magical philosophy, which stresses selfhood, ego, attaining godhood, and the power of the will, particularly with regards to being able to influence the subjective universe. And that makes things interesting. Moreover, it makes magic and LHP all that more interesting, and with that a greater appreciation of The Matrix via a new LHP-flavoured perspective and dimension.


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