Some art I made. I think it fits.

My friend never fails to remind me that awakening to the spiritual can only happen on your own, it can’t be taught like in school or passed on like a family heirloom. I thought for sure I was lost, but then I brought up that on Tuesday morning, me being convinced that there was a force around us that had to be discovered just came to me. No one brought it up in conversation with me, I was just standing around in college before class started and it just came on in my head.

And that’s when my friend and I had a joyous realization, that I had been having an awakening come to me. I feel proud, and in a sense relieved, because I felt confident that maybe it doesn’t have to be so hard, or so confusing, and maybe I don’t have to feel so lost. Maybe I have discovered a spark. And I think I might have had a few awakenings during my art project, which makes sense since, if it’s about myself, I have to dig deep into the mind and find something.

I think I just have to look to myself for guidance, or do as I would and something will come to me.


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