Why drink?

People often believe that alcohol makes you happy and helps you have a good time, and we’re often lead to believe that you can’t party or have a wild life without it. But to me, alcohol is totally overhyped and overrated, and I have never drunken a sip of beer or wine. This may sound square to some, but I don’t care for beer at all. Moreover, here are some reasons I not only choose to avoid alcohol, but have some hatred for it and its culture.

  • Alcohol is actually a depressant. Think about it, people think they’re having a good time but they’re not, at least not in the long run. Alcohol slows breathing and reaction time, impairs judgement and the brain, blocks messages from getting to the brain, impairs and depresses the central nervous system, and in general slows down the body. On top of that, while some may drink alcohol in order to drown out their depression, they often end up feeling worse.
  • You lose control. When you drink, you lose control, and when you lose control, you often say things that you may or may not actually mean, or do things, often reckless or outright bad, that you don’t really mean to do and often regret later. So when you drink, you often do things without actually willing them. For me, losing control and letting something operate for you, leading to you not acting on your own will, is a something I have a problem with within my own philosophy, since I highly stress the will, and operating one own’s own free will. The worst part about it you can often deny responsibility for your actions by blaming it on alcohol.
  • It causes impotency and ruins sex. Heavy consumption of alcohol damages the nerves of the penis and leads to decreased sensation. Alcohol can also decrease your enjoyment, reduce testosterone levels, cause your balls to shrink, and impotence. I actually begin to suspect that masturbation got falsely accused of causing impotence in order to prevent alcohol from being feared and stigmatized, since masturbation doesn’t cause impotence, but alcohol does.
  • It’s dangerously addictive. When you drink alcohol, you start to want to drink more, and eventually, you become addicted to it, and thus dependent on it. Even worse, people like Alcoholics Anonymous exploit this fact by trying to convince you that your addiction is not an addiction, but a disease which you can’t overcome unless you give yourself over to a higher power. You can try to drink small amounts of alcohol and moderate, and you might be fine, but the problem is alcohol is addictive, which can lead you to drinking more, and eventually too much, anyway. Somehow, even hangovers don’t convince people not to drink, even if they say “Oh my God I am so sick. I am never drinking again.”. That’s the addiction.
  • Alcohol makes you dumber. Drinking alcohol in any amount kills brain cells, and after it kills those brain cells the body can’t make them back. It also badly affects your ability to think rationally.
  • The hangover. You know how you feel really sick, get massive headaches, and feel dehydrated after a hangover? That’s because ethanol has a dehydration effect, and you have less fluids in you, which leads to those headaches.
  • It causes major health problems and injuries, which we all end up having to pay for. Drinking affects nearly every organ in the body, and drinking too much can actually poison your body and even kill you. Hell, your body even tries to tell you by making you vomit. It’s trying to tell you that alcohol is a poison, which the body tries to get rid of. Besides the obvious liver failure, excess drinking of alcohol has also been linked to various cancers, and drinking alcohol also stops your metabolism dead, which leads you to gain more weight. You can also die of complications due to alcoholism. On top of this, when you’re drunk, you can sometimes get yourself injured seriously, which can get you admitted to the hospital. And of course, in countries like the UK, it’s us who end up paying for it, and the drunk bastards often get put before people in real need. It costs billions of pounds in the UK treat everyone, which tends lead to the NHS suffering financially.

Last but certainly not least, the only reason you’d drink, if we’re very honest, is because everyone else does it. We’re conditioning into drinking, we do it for no reason other than to conform (often not realizing it), or fit into a social crowd. And as we all should know, doing something because everyone else does is a completely retarded reason to do anything. Only the weak conform.

I don’t think drinking alcohol suits me, especially seeing how lots of young people get when they drink. Not only that, but the young male culture of alcohol I often encounter is not something I wish to be a part of. But don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t want to be a prude, or come across as being prudish. I just want to express why I don’t drink, or ever plan on drinking, especially since alcohol is a big part of society and I have never posted on it.


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