On my own hobby and interest in mysticism

Shiva’s third eye. Trust me, it’s relevant.

On Saturday, from the afternoon to near-midnight, I was busy working on a symbol of my own creation, which I dub the Shakti Wheel (or Shakticakra). Two days later, when starting my current week of , I showed the symbol off to a few friends, and when explaining the design, meaning, and purpose, how I integrated various ideas and symbols from various systems and where they come, and why I did it, someone asked me if I had an interest in mysticism. I hadn’t thought much about the term in years, but now it makes sense. By the way,

I mean, besides that I think there is more than just what we see, learn of, or think we know, for quite a while I have had an interest in spirituality and what can be called mysticism, and the occult has its appeal also. I think it stems from an interest in things that are from mythology, and by extension mythology itself, as well as an interest in symbolism and religions and belief systems. That exploded and expanded with Shin Megami Tensei, I began to like the mythology and touch of mysticism and occult, and I not to mention rock and metal. The other thing is that I have friends who I talk to about these matters, who would later become good mentors or teachers in my eyes, especially one who assures me I am already sort of a mystic. If any of you reading this happen to be one of those friends/mentors, you will know what I am talking about, and I offer my thanks for your continual wisdom, inspiration, and advice.

For those of you reading this and thinking “isn’t mysticism the pursuit of seeking union with God and/or merging your consciousness with that of the universe?”, that’s only mysticism from an RHP (right hand path) point of view. Come to think of it, most results for spirituality and/or mysticism tend to come up with a right-hand path context, advertising ideas such as “oneness”, “experiencing God”,  “merging your consciousness with the universe”, “destroy/overcome/reject the ego”, “reject materiality and worldly pleasure”, “the ego blocks us from seeing God”, “love every human/living thing and practice unwavering compassion”, and “we are all one, we are all connected”. That’s spirituality to most people, and that’s because most of us are presented a soft, white-light, right-handed view of spirituality in which one is persuaded to give up his selfhood in order to supposedly become one with the universe.

I put this up to illustrate that most people prefer to take the blue pill of blissful ignorance rather than find their own truth, whereas people like me break away from the dogma set up by others for so many to be trapped in, thus no longer a slave. That, and I probably just want to see The Matrix again pretty soon. Also, it was inspired by what a good friend of mine said with reference to the film’s terminology.

I don’t think the right-handed stuff I mentioned before the picture above is what mysticism and spirituality are, or have to be. All it has to be is the pursuit of that which cannot normally be seen. I’m pretty confident there’s a force, power, energy or potential that is all around us, and that can be discovered and felt by those willing to seek it out, and can be used to one’s own purposes by those who are awake to it, and the further I lean towards the pursuing mysticism, the more convinced I am that there is a force, and it’s not God. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m kinda convinced these days, but am just stuck on how to find it, because mere belief is simply not enough. And who knows what else I might start finding. And I don’t deny materiality and worldly pleasures either. I like worldly pleasures a lot. I like the carnal. I just happen to think there’s something beyond what we see as well. The problem with lots of people is that we only see one side of the world or the other, while rejecting the side we don’t see. Lots of us only see the material side of the world while remaining ignorant of, or outright denying, any notion of a side beyond material, and many who see the spiritual side begin to reject materiality and worldly pleasures in favor of what they see as spiritual. And lots of us when it comes to spirituality do nothing but believe, almost never explore.

I’m also heavily attracted to the idea of magick as a way of affecting the world and causing things to happen via your own will. That actually sounds awesome and would mean many great things.

Through all this, I’m trying to lay out that I want to actually pursue mystical interests in recognition of mysticism and spirituality as a personal interest and hobby, and yet also so much more. Most of my knowledge is, for know, primarily theoretical, and many times all my outlets are art and drawing (not that being an artist was ever an obstacle, though keep in mind this isn’t really professional), and I would just beg for practical experience in the mystical, supernatural, and spiritual, and I definitely have my ideas as to what I would want to do in that realm. I’m basically declaring intentions here, intentions of actively pursuing my own mystic path, in my own way and spirit.

To conclude this post, this is the Shakticakra (Shakti Wheel), which I made. It a the symbol of power, force, and energy, and contains symbols of gods, power, sex, and creation.


2 responses to “On my own hobby and interest in mysticism

  1. I do think that some true mystics who are RHP can see as we do… but doing so limits one’s ability to alter, as well as sense (projection as well as reception).

    Something interesting came to light that shows that the Buddha was aware of LHP-style projective abilities… but for some reason, discouraged people to use them.

    My first thought? “Pussies!”

    • Hmmm. Interesting. OK, my first thought is, what kinds of LHP practices would they be and how do they relate to LHP as we define it? And second of all, why would Buddha want to discourage LHP or projective abilities?

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