The only good role model is your self

In our society, we often try to give our children external role models to try and mold their character a certain way. These include familial figures (like parents), but especially celebrities. You know, athletes, actors/actresses, musicians, community workers, politicians, and other famous individuals. I find this to be a faulty cultural practice which bases itself on the molding of individuals by having them emulate other people.

I think that the best role model can have is one’s own character, ones own individually discerned values, and one’s own alter ego, an ideal of oneself, based ultimately on oneself, its goals, and its highest potential. Instead of trying to emulate some idealized, and ultimately fake, personality, or trying to live your life based on some celebrity who probably doesn’t care about you, or even your parents, you should guide your own life, by your own individually discerned virtues, personality, character, and its potential. Instead of manufacturing role models for our children, we should teach them to find the greatest role model in themselves. And let’s face it, any external role model you set up for yourself and your children, even if it’s parents, those role models are going to betray your expectations, and thus betray you. That’s because they’re not perfect, but we paint these role models to be perfect, let alone by a certain standard that is not our own, but has been made for us. Hell, celebrity culture exists solely to create fake personalities and package them as role models for people designed for them to emulate.

It’s OK to be inspired by other people, and it’s OK to have people you consider to be mentors, since inspiration and learning from others is different from the pursuit of emulating other peoples, molding your character into something you are not, and trying to be someone else, let alone a fake personality.


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