Why you can’t sell your soul

DISCLAIMER: This post does not declare the non-existence of the soul, it just talks about why you can’t sell your soul.

I’m kinda sick of hearing the phrase “sold your soul” being passed around, and it seems I’m the only one who doesn’t believe that the soul can be sold to anyone. Isn’t the soul one’s own essence, or self? If so, then logically, you can’t sell that to anyone, be it God or devil. Therefore, the notion of selling your soul is ridiculous, especially as the value of the soul cannot be measured in money or bartering.

Though in fairness, the term “selling your soul” these days seems to refer to betraying one’s own principles, and I think this is what that refers to. Or it may reason to handing control of that soul to a supernatural entity, which is commonly what it refers to. But that’s not the point.


4 responses to “Why you can’t sell your soul

  1. I like to fight this notion on the basis that the Christians that usually say it don’t know shit about the being they think is “the Devil,” but I like this even better — it’s far more fundamental.

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