The world I would create

This image, in my opinion, reminds me of the act of creation.

For a while now, I continued to spread the idea of creation your own world based your own individually discerned idea and principles. I wonder if I’ve mentioned what I myself would do. And I have the answer to that.

First, my problems with this world. I don’t truly hate the world as it is, since I don’t have any real standing to do so given I appreciate some of its beauty and it has things I like, but the world does tend to suck, as does a lot of what we’ve made for it. There’s things about the world I accept, such as humans being motivated by desire and want, the passionate chaos of the universe, conflict (provided it’s not for truly pathetic or immoral reasons) and that you need money, effort, and power often to make a difference, but what I don’t accept is that people in this world are often like sheep, or zombies at worst, and just conform without thinking for themselves, that our free will is very often compromised by both imposed societal conditions (debt, politics, religion, other things that keep people in fear) and our own stupidity and weakness, that people fall for such stupid things in this world (and create said things), that lies are allowed to rule the world and control the masses and hypocrisy often reigns, that oppression is allowed to happen, that we willingly sacrifice our free will, youth, power, life, even selfhood, and sublimate ourselves for the false promises of safety, comfort, and an easy life, that we mold ourselves and our children on others and idealized figures rather than their own virtues, that real justice is rare, that collectivity and conformity are idolized over individuality and freedom, that politics (local and international) happens so slowly as does the world, that we grow old into a quiet, dull, bland settled life filled with garbage, that anyone who thinks differently from others is seen as immature, crazy, insane, or sick in the head and evil, and that real life is gray and boring, with the obvious exception of the experiences of joy, pleasure, happiness and ecstasy we often encounter. That’s all on a societal level, not even counting the forces of decay and degradation in the world.

It’s hard to find a good image, so here’s an image of suburbia, because I think that somewhat relates since suburbia is basically a community of conformity where people grow into dull and grey little lives.

Now for the actual new world.

If I could create a world of my own, it would be free from the characteristics I described above. It would be a world of freedom, true freedom of choice, and a world of life. A world where we don’t have to settle down and lose our youth, life, beauty, and spirit. A world were life isn’t so slow, dull, boring, and gray, and you are free to live a fast-paced exciting life where you don’t have to wait eons something in the world to happen. It’s a world where conformity does not exist, and you are we are free to be ourselves, who we are, in honesty. Sexuality is neither repressed nor feared. Religion holds no authority over man. We are free to be hedonists if we want to, and in general pursue whatever gives us pleasure and makes us happy. Actual justice exists. Powerlessness is a thing of the past, as people actually have power and are free to stand up for themselves, self is not a dirty word, we do not chain ourselves to others (and their suffering), and we are free to explore our own power and potential without fear. We will have no role models except ourselves, our own values, our own personality, and the potential of our selves. No longer will be joie de vivre be dead.  And the beauty of the world is easier to appreciate, joy, pleasure, ecstasy, happiness, and friendship would rock more than ever. Most of that is all the societal side. If you get past just societal creation, and you put me in the shoes of an actual deity, I’d add to that mix less crap to worry about in life, less stuff that can kill you, you can feel intoxicated without potentially killing yourself, less ugliness in the world, and, most of all, life would be more like a video game. In that setting, the world becomes an adventure playground were anything can happen you can live as video game characters with your own personalities, powers (that are mainly based on your personalities), abilities, and weapons, you can fight monsters, test your might against each other, find treasure, compete with each other in general, or just enjoy the exciting, pleasure-filled life with your friends, and just soak up the joy. The icing on the cake: it’d never get old. Anything can happen. Life’d be like a video game that you don’t get tired of. A chaotic paradise/adventure playground where people live lives of freedom. Keep in mind, by video game it’s probably more likely to be an action-adventure game, not a realistic video game.

Just like before, this is the best image I could find, and it’s only a tiny percentage of the bigger picture.

That’s just the kind of world I’d create. With that I would like to end with a question. If you could create your own world based on your own individually discerned principles or ideal of what you would want the world to be like, what kind of world would it be? Think about it for a moment.


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