Why would one who appreciates this world create a world of his own?

Kagutsuchi from Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne, a game that makes me think of creation.

This is a question I’ve been thinking about when dealing with the idea of creating one’s own world. If one find beauty in this world, or something to adore in this world, why would one create a new world?

I think the answer to this question lies in the fact that one finds fault with the world and is made to accept it. I, for instance, don’t like that there’s not a lot that I’m free to do, when you get down to it, that the majority of people just conform and do what they’re told like sheep and often don’t realize it, that people actually compromise or outright deny their own free will for stupid reasons, and things like freedom, will, desire, individuality, and the lust for life are often devalued. This among other reasons. On top of this, I’m not really in control of my life.

Some say that we’re actually very lucky to have the world we’ve got, going on to say that a lot of the world has it a whole lot worse, to me, that just makes world seem to be even worse, if most of the world has it quite bad while only a few pockets of the world are that good. Also, this is really just a guilt-trip tactic to silence one’s questioning of the world.

And there you have it, a reason why one would create his own world.

2 responses to “Why would one who appreciates this world create a world of his own?

  1. Humanity makes the world ugly and dead, but step outside of the box, you see the magical beauty. I like the film the Matrix where some lucky people break outside of the controlling illusion they exist in, I hope you find your inner Neo.

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