The act of creation

This has nothing to do with the Biblical idea of creation. Instead it refers to creating a personal world.

This is the best non-religious illustration of creating a world I could find.

A contact of mine named Balthazar said something interesting to me about a month ago. He believed that the world or universe around us is essentially random but also that we can use those raw materials to create a personal world in keeping with individually discerned principles. Thus he also stresses the importance of creating one’s own order within one’s own sphere, or you you’ll be swept at the mercy of the forces of the world around you, and if one is not proactive he will be swept at the mercy of the same. He believes it is this which separates those with an aware mind from those who are pawns in the game of the world.

That resonates with my attraction to creation, and the creative process. And I certainly love the idea of creating a personal world based on my own individually discerned principles and other things. I find myself reminded of Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne, where the act of creation is a big theme in the game’s story. Making a new world of my own is such an appealing concept to me. I’m willing to bet that a lot of us, if we thought about it, would also like to create a personal world of their own.

It could be anything you want, even something like this.

There’s nothing offputting about it. You create your own world, which you inevitable can interact with in any way you want and don’t have to answer to anyone, and you decide the rules and what you yourself can do, and you can just enjoy it however you want. We almost never have that kind of freedom or empowerment in this world.


2 responses to “The act of creation

  1. I agree with you, we are masters or pawns of our own fate. We are ships on the ocean, with a choice of floating aimlessly in chaos or sailing upon this ocean with purpose.

    • That was mainly my contact, though if you must speak of chaos that way I have a post coming up with similar themes, about whether my order versus chaos is actually just authoritarianism versus libertarianism with a better name.

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