Ah, back to thinking about stuff besides politics and current affairs at last. Lately I attempted bodyboarding and surfing at a beach, and whilst in the water, or more or less as I continued being in the water, I began thinking about the aquatic and the water type in video games and outside that, how cool and aesthetically appealing it has been to me in the past, and how appealing it can still be today. I even gain a slight new appreciation of blue.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a mostly fire person, at least in spirit and personality, and fire and red (and black) still have my soul, but I don’t think it’s wrong for someone like me to find beauty in the aquatic. Most of my personality is not what you might call a water personality. The few water parts might be depth, occaisional internal reflection and thinking, introspection (which I think is crucial to the development and discovery of ones personal identity and what makes you who you are), and can be philosophical and mystical at times. Most of my personality otherwise is not watery, it’s mostly fire with noticable earth flavour, as I discussed before. But that means little. I still find beauty in the aquatic, and I can enjoy water very often. And that’s what I remembered in the waves. Hell, water is one of my favourite types of Pokemon.

And Pokemon like Samurott are why.

Also, while rain isn’t my usual favourite weather (I prefer hot, bright sunny weather), if it rains heavy enough, and it’s wet enough outside and there’s water streaming on the roads, then I can enjoy rainy weather. And did you know there is something sensual about the water too? It’s probably to do with how people usually don’t wear much clothes in the water, and you know what that means. And have you seen mermaids lately?


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