Can’t we just accept that we’re all different, instead trying to say we’re all the same?

One problem I have with some ways of trying to fight for equality is that they try to say that regardless of creed, race, sex, or whatever, we’re all the same, instead of just accepting that we’re different people.

Yes, there are some things that lots of people if not all people share (like desire and self-interest, or basic human nature, or the fact that we all have to eat, sleep, crap, and breathe, and boink once in a while), but we have different ideas, ideals, values, personalities, tastes, ways of seeing, and ways of doing. Some of us are born different from each other, from different body shape and facial features, to different skin color. We’re all different people. Even if our differences aren’t at a basic level, it is who we are as people, our unique personalities, how we stand out, and our individuality that matters.

We are not all one. We are not all the same. And that’s perfectly fine. You know what’d be super? If we could just accept that we’re all different. That would be fine, instead of trying to say we’re all the same. Equality shouldn’t be about trying to say we’re all the same when we’re actually all different, and it should not be based on uniformity. Last time I checked, isn’t equality just about everyone having the same rights? That on its own is fine by me, but what isn’t fine by me is all this oneness crap.


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