How tabloids and sensationalist newspapers brainwash you

About a pound or two worth of crap.

One thing I notice is that high-end newspapers seem to have good information, but they don’t make an effort to convince people that it matters to them. Meanwhile, horrible sensationalist newspapers offer nothing but scandals and lies, but they effectively brainwash you into thinking that not only are their stories true, but that they matter to you.

The problem with high-end newspapers is that they often sounding rather high and on top, even to a level of prudishness, and the problem with the low-end newspapers, such as all those British newspapers like The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Daily Star etc, sell little more than gossip, scandal, false truths, and fake outrage, and brainwash, or rather condition, you into believing everything they say to be true. This is mainly by emphasizing the text, emphasizing outrage, and luring readers in with sports, boobs, horoscopes, and other trivial crap they use to keep ordinary people from coming to their own conclusions, or better yet, finding the truth on their own. They may also brainwash you by exploiting ignorance and weakness of mind. And if you’re looking for unbiased news in the papers, no matter how high or low end they are, all of them are slanted in some way or other, and all, or most, of them have some agenda behind them. You know, besides selling newspapers and making money.

TV news is also guilty of brainwashing the masses, and I don’t just mean in America. Wherever you are, TV news is out to interpret world events for you and tell you what to think, or at least in the vast majority of cases. The said thing is that many working-middle people, especially in the UK (or more or less little towns and rural UK), will be surrounded by such media and be conditioned to believe whatever crap it espouses. The only way out is if you get your information from independent sources or the Internet, though in fairness most people these days seem to get their news from online and not TV or newspapers.

I encourage those who are surrounded by the media I have mentioned to fight against it, say to yourself that you will not be brainwashed, and commit to that resistance. And if you are too weak to think for yourself and resist this conditioning, or if you are sick with ignorance, then take the strength to break out of that ignorance, or it’s your loss.

3 responses to “How tabloids and sensationalist newspapers brainwash you

  1. You have touched upon an issue that is plaguing America for the past four decades, en masse. There may possibly be foundation to my suspicions, that as educational standards were lowered, television news became watered down to blatant moronics, and behold, the tabloids multiplied like wild mushrooms in a field.
    What I learned in high school, second year college students are only discovering. It is my belief, that the willful dumbing of populations is to get attention off of the serious matters, as fools will be pacified rather than incited, if intelligent subject matter were in fact, understood by the masses.

      • Absolutely. I felt it necessary to comment as it appears that governments are sharing the same Play Book of Game Plans. The people of both UK and US should collectively voice their opinions as a consolidated citizenry against what governments are currently doing.
        I will not comment further on your blog site. Thank you.

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