David Cameron must be stopped!

I always thought of David Cameron as some stupid right wing tyrant who wants to make some safe, clean, everyone-pleasing Britain. From what I hear, other people in the UK share my hatred of Cameron, though probably for different reasons, and maybe something to do with the coalition government in this country.

He apologized for Bloody Sunday when it was too late and not his place to do so, his government has been planning on spying on its own people, he cut the funding of the British film industry leaving it to be taken over by Hollywood, and in general he is just unlikeable as a person and only continues what all politicians do: distract us from what really matters. Other members of his government are just as bad, with Michael Gove being an elitist tyrant, Nick Clegg a tool and traitor, and Teresa May, well she’s just Teresa May.

But on to the point. Now Cameron’s doing something even more despicable than almost everything he’s done. How’s trying to restrict internet porn.

That’s right, he’s going to try and crack down on internet pornography starting the beginning of next year (that at least gives us time to fight against it, but still, what a fucking load!). After this, if you want access to non-illegal pornography in the UK, you will have to ask your provider to allow porn. Not only is it morally wrong, but supremely stupid and bound to fail.

Supposedly, this is a measure against child porn and to protect children from seeing porn, or at least that’s what British mass media will have you believe. But really, I think this is all just to kowtow to the campaigns of such media outlets as The Daily Mail, who have been crusading against all online porn for fuck knows how long. If such conservatism is allowed to take hold of the country, then the country and our freedom will be suffocated.

I implore anyone who may glance upon this to spread the word! Please, if we don’t fight against this tyrannical move, then internet freedom will be compromised, especially for innocent people who have done nothing wrong. We must fight against this obvious oppression! If we don’t find against this stupidity and oppression, no one will, and it will be allowed to continue. So please, spread the word and help stop this crime.


13 responses to “David Cameron must be stopped!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius.com and commented:
    As in America, their government is engaged in activities of espionage against citizens. It appears that people all over the world are angered at governments, are conducting business as criminal enterprises. Perhaps governments of today, pose a much more evil menace than did the Nazis did during the Third Reich’s time, and look at the result, and conclusion, of that entire mater was.

      • Okay! I clicked the Follow button. The reblog was to establish the fact that in the UK, the situation is similar to what is occurring in the United States. Thank you for the article.
        PS: Don’t mind my thinking in the remarks. Age and tradition.
        Carry On!

  2. One may engage if desired, as no regulation exists. I am not interested in porn so I simply stay out of sites but.., there is a destructive human behavior associated with it and, let me be most clear on this, I engage in smoking and at times will have an alcoholic beverage. Both also, destructive and over regulated as is firearms prohibitions and restrictive laws. So, on that note, it would behoove everyone, to re-think, many of the “Control” items of laws and the associated moralities of individuals.
    In case you wonder, I’m an American. Pro-gun. PATRIOT. Conservative. Retired cop. Combat vet.
    In America, pornography is rampant. Degeneracy abounds. But, if we make allowances for one item, we should make allowances for all, items. This is only attained though legislation, and in America, that means, who stuffs the politicians’ pockets with the most money and other secret perks like.., sex. Hey, see how it relates to porn? The law makers receive pleasures of their lust fulfilled, while others, smokers, alcohol beverage consumers, gunners, and even those watching porn, as you say, are disregarded.

  3. What have the people in the UK been hearing of the United States National Security Agency conducting data collection and online activities, also collection of overseas emails, not only out of the US but these activities being done in the UK against citizens of the Crown by the US? We have now learned that both Britain and Australia, have been paid UD Dollars to conduct espionage acts against citizens in America. Against US citizens. This directly ties into your efforts to thwart an opponent prior to, January of 2014.

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