Paraphrasing Vergil (a follow-up to my post about “might makes right”)

I just felt like posting a short follow up to this post.

Vergil from Devil May Cry 3

In Devil May Cry 3, Vergil at one point says to Dante:

“Might controls everything – and without strength, you cannot protect anything; let alone yourself.”

He does make a good point and I should have mentioned him on the post I previously mentioned. It is through strength, might, and power, that Dante protects himself, pushes back demons, and protects humanity, and through the same that Vergil walks the path leading to his own plans. Without any strength, Dante wouldn’t be able to fight demons or stop Vergil from enacting his plans.

And while I’m here, I may as well add commentary for Shin Megami Tensei, particularly Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne. In Nocturne, three ideological factions, referred to as Reasons, compete for the right for their ideology to become the foundation of the laws of the new world and for the right to create the next world. They do this by gathering a large amount of a substance called Magatsuhi, which is a kind of power medium or energy. Point is, all factions need power or strength to fulfill their ambitions. Even the main character only opposes all three by having the strength and power to punch them all out.


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