How the public reaction to the royal baby is a manifestation of the cult of royalty

A mass cult gathering for the birth of a royal son.

Only yesterday I noticed a buzz about a new baby born from Prince William and her wife Kate, and I happened to glance upon a report about it on BBC News whilst having lunch at a pub (and enjoying a nice rack of ribs). Almost immediately I began complaining that this royal baby stuff isn’t news.

Far and wide I seem to notice cult behavior from the masses, everyone cheering for the event and some saying the baby will become king in the future and calling the day of his birth a moment in history (which is fucking laughable to say the least), and Prime Minister David Cameron and Sky News are promoting and propagating what is effectively the next manifestation of the British cult of royalty.

Those in the know are already aware of why David Cameron and the media are propagating the royal cult in the UK: so that the people can be distracted from what really matters in our country, which would be the economy, the unpopularity of our government, and the fact that governments and politicians are still just using us for their own ends and to control us, all while lying to us at every turn. And the charade must be working, because most people don’t seem to see through it or realize the truth, and worse continue to fall for the same tricks again and again.

The sycophantic behavior displayed by British public has the hallmarks of a mass cult. I hope for your sake that some of you in this country choose free thought over conformity and do not fall for the nonsense and venom that is the royal cult.

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