Why is America not supporting Egypt’s coup?

On July 3rd this year, Egypt’s new president, Mohammed Morsi, has been removed in a coup. But as usual, the US doesn’t seem to be supporting the overthrow of a tyrant.

For some odd reason, US law states that the government can’t give aid to any country whose elected head of government has been deposed by a coup d’etat. Which is odd considering the head in this case, Mohammed Morsi, has been at the helm of a tyrannical rule in which he imposed fundamentalist Islamic ideology and government, which many Egyptians didn’t want, and imprisoned political opponents. He is also head to have wanted to assume dictatorial authority, which is again what many Egyptians didn’t want in the first place. And yet not only is America not supporting the people who deposed him, but they’re also trying to deny that it is called a coup to begin with.

Officials and senators keep saying nonsensical crap like “this is obviously an extremely complex and difficult situation”. John Kerry keeps saying it is too early to know what is happening in Egypt. Well that’s horse shit! We know what’s happening. A tyrant has been overthrown in a coup d’etat, and the same land who fought tyrants long ago is not even praising that act of deposing tyrant. And that’s not taking into account theory among some Egyptians that Muslim Brotherhood leaders were sent by America, or that Obama was supporting Morsi. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it makes sense, considering the West’s history of supporting tyrannical regimes (or at least the ones that were willing to trade weapons and oil).

Bottom line: it’s a terrible shame that America is trying to deny the reality of the situation and that it’s not supporting a nation that, in the end, is fighting for the same thing America fought for – freedom. But it might have something to do with another reality: that the American government is not as freedom-loving as the American people, and the ideals the country fought for.


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