I’m sick of Satanism being viewed as just a religion for rebellious teenagers

I picture of what I think is a teenage Satanist. Not as evil as you think.

One so-called criticism people often claim to have of Satanism is that they believe it’s just a religion for teenagers looking to rebel against their Christian parents. Said people never even consider the idea that Satanism is an actually viable philosophy.

People who think that way delude themselves into thinking that Satanism is either a religion of evil or pure crazy, classic signs of condescending attitude and ordinary sheep consigned to conformity.

No one ever thinks that people can actually be attracted to the philosophy (if you read my previous posts about Satanism, you’ll get an idea of what the philosophy is, and why it is a good philosophy).

Even if Satanists are rebel teenagers, what’s so bad about that as long as they don’t engage in human and animal sacrifice? If they see the philosophy of Satanism as a valid symbol of their rebellion, or if it fits in with who they are in a genuine way, then I’m all in favour of it. As long as it’s not ultimately artificial, and no sacrifice and murder are involved (very few Satanists, even teens, actually engage in killing innocents, and those that do are psychopaths seeking to tie their crimes to Satanists). And those who put down Satanism as being a religion for just rebel teenagers, or put down teenagers who are Satanists, should probably get off their high horse.


One response to “I’m sick of Satanism being viewed as just a religion for rebellious teenagers

  1. Satan being the symbol of rebellion is an appropriate symbol for a teen carving out an identity for themselves against conformity. The teens go through a crazy phase but those that stick at it then gravitate to a more mature form of Satanism. Obviously Satanism has zero connection to human sacrifice, a notion promoted by the ignorant media, Christians and a few mentally ill people.

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