My thoughts on earth issues

Since environmental issues like climate change, pollution, and other such issues crop up very often in this day and age, I think I might as well comment and mention my stance.

Let’s start with the obvious. Global warming.

There’s enough scientific evidence to point to a climate change occurring, there’s no denying that, though the science can sometimes be odd and contradictory. But I think the reality of the situation is either outright embellished or just presented rather dishonestly. Let me explain the latter for a moment. If we’re right about global warming, then floods and droughts and all that crap might happen if we don’t either do something about it or prepare for the worst, but the planet isn’t the one who’s screwed. We are! But we aren’t very honest about it. We want to present this as doing something for the sake of the planet, and not for our own survival (which would be a lot more honest). The government and media want us to think the planet is dying, when in fact the planet won’t die, so that they can scare us into doing whatever they want so they don’t have to do the work. Climate shifts tend to happen a lot throughout the history of this planet, if you look back you’ll notice. All that will happen in this case is that our environment will either degrade from all our pollution, or just change dramatically, and we’re the ones who might be done in because of it. Speaking of that…

Pollution and energy resources

Landfills, production factories, cars, and fossil fuels are all attributed as polluters to our enivronment, which, along with depleting energy resources, I feel is the real problem. Climate shifts come and go over and over again in the natural history of our planet, but the problem for our species is that we’re polluting the planet and running out of fossil fuels. We can reduce the waste and pollution, and we can come up with new energy sources that are reusable. The problem is, why aren’t we doing that? Or, if we are, why is it taking so long?

Environmentalism and environmentalists

I have a serious problem with environmentalists and their particular ideology, along with the idea that I should be forced to act or live “green” every second possible in every single facet of our lives for fear of extreme consequences. That sounds like a green version of God-fearing Christianity and its moral ideology. I myself have no disrespect for nature, and I don’t want to ruin to the planet per se. I just want to live my life as I would and be rather free-spirited. I sometimes show my care for the situation, but I’m rather lenient. I just to want live. Environmentalists on the other hand tend to be quite dogmatic and fanatical, and to them if aren’t dogmatically green to the letter then you don’t care about the planet. I DO care, I’m just not strict about it.

Politics and propaganda

As I mentioned earlier, the reality of the climate change situation is embellished, and in our society (or at least just America and/or the UK), the issue has become so politicized and socialized, that the attitude towards it is now polarized to the point that some doubt that anything is actually happening. Another lie I should mention is that if we don’t do something then nature will be destroyed, when in fact it won’t. No matter how much we pollute the planet you can’t destroy nature, partly because nature is more than just the planet, and because we are not separate from or above nature. All you will do, is ruin the environment or make the planet a really crappy place to live in. The things is, all the time we’re told to do our small part, but what the fuck is our government doing? Nothing, as usual, even though they have a very sizeable role and responsibility in all this. Also, they could easily support new, cheap, infinitely reusable energies to just put an end to the problem of depleting resources and even pollution, but they’re not doing it. They’re just making sure that they can still use fear to control us so they can continue with their other plans.

And I believe that’s everything. Thanks for reading.


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