Satanism and the supernatural

While doing some research on Satanism, I found something interesting. While LaVeyan Satanism is usually atheistic, it is said that many Satanists, including those who are members of the Church of Satan, do believe in spiritual or supernatural things. Just to be clear I am not talking about so-called “Spiritual Satanism”, which is something otherwise different.

One Church of Satan member, King Diamond, who was a very close friend to Anton LaVey, once made this statement: “Satanism is about the Powers of the Unknown. I’ve had hundreds of strange experiences with the occult, the other side, the beyond, whatever you want to call it that proves there is a spiritual world that can crossover into our world.” He goes on to say that “Satan on a spiritual mystical level stands for the Powers of Darkness, the Powers of the Unknown which are always around us at all times”.

A picture of King Diamond taken during the late 1980’s.

Another statement comes from Church of Satan reverend Thomas Thorn. He said, “There is a spiritual dimension that communicates with us and there are powers and deities in this spiritual world. We use Satanic rituals to summon, communicate with, and make pacts with Demons that are real beings as well as other spirits.”

Wait. I thought the rituals and magic in Satanism were more psychological than magical. I dunno, I’ll just leave him with that statement since I’ve really got nothing.

I’ve also heard that “America’s Favourite Satanist” Joe Netherworld has a website where he talks about how he apparently has an ability to communicate with the spirit world and uses it to help solve cases and it also claims to give accurate info to people during divinations that he conducts.

From what I have heard from an agent Church of Satan member (an Agent is an active member qualified to represent the Church of Satan and explain the philosophy to the media and other interested parties), LaVey had no real problem with Church of Satan members believing in supernatural things like ghosts and the afterlife and some such things as The Satanic Bible is mainly concerned with life philosophy and he left a void in it when it came the spiritual, supernatural, or religious side, and it is thus up to the individual Satanist to decide on their own as these are personal beliefs. LaVey himself is said to have created a glowing pentagram to attract supernatural forces and wrote essays on the trapezoid, which is said to open gateways to these forces. He also claimed to have tried calling up spirits and demons using circles and names of God and Jesus for protection but it didn’t work, so began to think he needed to be on the side of the demons instead in order to call them up, gain magical powers, and have things go his way.

As a final disclaimer, I am not here to agree with anything stated. I am simply here to point out that Satanists (or Church of Satan members) can and do believe in spiritual or supernatural things. But I don’t think this includes God.


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