Light and darkness, and good and evil

Often I hear of the twin forces of light and darkness, mainly equated with good and evil.

I’ve talked about them before, but the way I see it that post pertained to psychological light and darkness. This post is from a different context. I’m mainly writing in a non-psychological context. And please forgive if this is merely rambling.

For the most part, I’m more interested in being a hero, or at least in my own way. I don’t prefer the traditional or conventional clean-cut, uptight hero. If I were a hero, I’d do what I do because I WANT to, or because I feel it’s right. I support what I support mainly for moral/ethical/ideological reasons, or reason pertaining to my values.

Let’s separate light and darkness from good and evil. Good and evil pertain to mainly actions, and the perception of those actions by other people. Although there are other things that can be judged as evil or good besides actions. Light and dark, taken literally, can easily just be brighter and darker shades. And in the grand scheme of things, there could be light and dark shades, and truth might be a different light, dispelling a different darkness (ignorance). There are probably different lights and different darknesses; the psychological, truth and ignorance, and possibly moral. Not lumping them together is difficult, but it might just be important.

For all I know, the psychological darkness might not be strictly darkness, but just a deeper animal force. And maybe psychological light could be something else too. Light and dark? Shades. Good and evil? Mostly perception.

Thanks for reading these ramblings if you did.


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