My idea of paradise

And this is only one small bit of what it could be.

Most people dream of their ideal paradise, or heaven, being an idyllic place where you have peace for all eternity, or if we’re lazy we usually resort to the Christian heaven (which really isn’t as nice as you’d think, considering the god of the Bible). I’m not exactly one of these people.

See, a paradise that’s basically all peace and relaxation forever means no action, and that tends to get boring.

My kind of paradise is one where I can have fun, and most of all, I’m in charge. For starters, no one telling me what to do, no menial tasks or grunt jobs, and I don’t have to deal with bus companies or daytime TV (especially of the British kind). Second, ample opportunities to live out my desires with full confidence, all the weapons and powers I could imagine wanting, and monsters and bad guys to use my weapons and powers on, and maybe gods, demons, and other fighters to pit my strength against if I feel like it. Eternal life and youth would be nice, as long as still feel pleasure and emotion (even if that means still feeling pain and negative emotions, which won’t matter as long as you have tons of ways of feeling better; although I could do without the horrible uneasiness and mortal chills that creep inside you). Obviously all the music, games, anime, movies, food, and girls I could want would be there, and all the environments I could ever like would be there. And I can go anywhere I want without worrying about jetlag, parasites, mosquitos and such, and goddamned innoculations.

Speaking of video games.

You know what else would spice things up? Being able to interact with the world around, and go on adventures in other worlds. It’d be like playing a video game (or more or less a combination of Sonic the Hedgehog, inFamous, Devil May Cry, Dynasty Warriors, Persona 4, and Shin Megami Tensei), and in these other worlds I get to do what I do and see how I affect these worlds. These other worlds will also provide opportunities for me to not just spread my philosophy, but fulfill it in various scenarios. That would kick so much more ass than just spending eternity in the clouds with “God”.

Is this the best the Christians could come up with in terms of a paradise?

Mine is a chaotic paradise, without a doubt. There’s calm at times, sure, but that’s because I like to relax every once in a while, like pretty any human would. Besides, a paradise like mine can’t get old for me. It’s not the realm free of conflict and chaos, but rather a realm where I’m in charge and I get to do what I want. Much better.

Also, I can get cut or step on shit and it’d be no problem.

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