Another pondering on Lucifer

Lucifer by Guillaume Geefs

I’ve been doing more pondering on this figure called the Lightbringer, or Lucifer. I’ve come across the idea that Satan was originally Lucifer before his fall again, and I think that, in a way, Lucifer’s fall could be a metaphor for something else.

According to tradition, Lucifer fell because of the following reasons:

  • He believed he was just as great as Yahweh, or that Yahweh wasn’t as powerful as he seemed.
  • He didn’t like the idea of bowing down to the first man
  • He disagreed with Yahweh’s plans, and wanted to stand up to him
  • He didn’t much like serving Yahweh

Thus it can be said that the story of Lucifer falling from heaven and taking the identity of Satan (“adversary”, “opposer”, fitting of his status as rebel) can be seen as the Judeo-Christian way of saying that pride, freedom of thought, dissent, and insubordination are not accepted, and are in fact seen as sinful in the eyes of their god. This would continue into their teaching of “salvation”, which basically says that anyone who doesn’t believe in God or what the Bible says is going to suffer eternal damnation in hell. After all, what better way to silence freedom of thought, curiosity, and desire than with fear and morality stories for the sheep?

His rebellion extends to his continuous efforts to thwart the plans of his enemy, like when he took the form of the serpent to give them knowledge and awaken them from their ignorance in Eden. Added to the idea that Yahweh is a tyrant when it comes to sex, Lucifer can also be seen to represent sexual liberty as the opposite. In general, he can be seen as representing of freedom and selfhood, and the wisdom attained from following your own path (wisdom counting the serpent). Or a symbol of fighting against the “purity” espoused by Christians, and the oppression that God would want. He’s the freedom-loving opposite of everything a control-based self-denying religion or ideology like Christianity might stand for, hence the title Satan. In a way, you could say I treat him similarly to the LaVeyan way of viewing Satan, with similar characteristics and virtues.

If Lucifer is Satan, then it’s possible Satan is a name that we give Lucifer, “God” gave Lucifer, or Lucifer gave himself. Funny enough, the name Satanael is mentioned in the Book of Enoch as referring to the same entity (Satanael meaning “adversary of God”).

That’s about all I have on the subject.

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