Those who were seen dancing….

Here is a quote that I think has meaning.

When I think of this quote, I can’t help but think of my headbanging on the bus.

3 responses to “Those who were seen dancing….

  1. Reading more of your stuff. Only came across it by accident of course hehe. Love your style, it smacks of The Dark Goddess energy of lilith and eris. Eris is hell raising chaos and lilith is chaos with seduction. Darkness, as in what has been demonized for thousands of years is really what you yourself call primal. Darkness advocates animal as the essential quality over God/s, Godess/ess, prophets,saints,priests,saviors. I’ve been all those titles, and they’re not worth a pinch of salt compared with primal living. Primal to me is creativity without a creator, godful-ess without a goddess, godful without a god. Rubbish titles created by religious fuckwits have no place in this now. That goes for the enlightened ones of the past also. Much of their language and truth no longer has a place in the here and now. As for ME…I am Me beyond all Indivisible identity anyway. What idiots call God, I know as Me Alone and Only. You whoever you are, your blogs absolutely rock 🙂

    • Uh, thanks. It’s always nice to hear of someone who appreciates my writings and philosophy. It’s also interesting that you are expressing your own beliefs. You mention the darkness and primal, but for me the primal isn’t just darkness. It’s just something so deeply raw and timeless. It can be both light and dark, and so divine it’s ecstatic.

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