Why I’m finally embracing the philosophy of Satanism

This red pentagram is the best one I can find. I’m not very fond of the goat pentagram. Keep in mind though, this has almost nothing to do with religion.

Those who follow my blog probably know what I stand for. I value freedom, personal power, self-empowerment, selfhood, and individuality. I believe in not accepting what you aren’t happy with, I endorse asking for more, I dream of a “hedonistic” lifestyle where I am not chained down, and I value freedom and free will. I am against self-denial. I accept the idea of aiming higher and I’m not afraid of the idea of asking for more. I don’t believe in living for others, rather I endorse living freely and for yourself. I think if you want to help other people, then do it, but you shouldn’t be obliged to do it. I value selfhood, desire, and self-empowerment. I am individualistic. And I have an anti-Christian/anti-religious flavour to boot. I mention my values often here, and after some brief thinking my philosophy bears a great deal of resemblance to the philosophy of Satanism.

And no, Satanism is not what you believe it is thanks to Christianity.

Think about it: Satanism values the self, and selfhood, is against any ideas of self-sacrifice, and self-denial, is individualistic, supports pleasure, and in general advocates that you live out your feelings, live for yourself, and in general do what makes you happy. As a philosophy, Satanism is extremely, if not perfectly, compatible with my own philosophy and worldview. Satanism clearly supports individual freedom, individuality, personal empowerment, and and the pursuit of pleasure and happiness, and how could I say no to those things? LaVeyans in particular see Satan as a symbol for self-interest, animalistic drives, ego, selfhood, individuality, and in some cases strength and individual conflict with society.

Lucifer (a.k.a. Satan) from Paradise Lost

You know what else that sounds like to me? The Chaos philosophy from the Shin Megami Tensei series. At its heart, Chaos is about freedom and personal power, and follows the credos of “live freely” and “live for yourself” as opposed to living for others, not the social Darwinist crap that’s often associated with. Much like Satanism, Lucifer is used to represent the freedom-loving philosophy of Chaos, and God (YHVH) is representing the Law philosophy of order, self-sacrifice, and submission to a higher power.

The Chaos Hero from Shin Megami Tensei

There are two people who really sell the philosophy for me. One, is a good online friend of mine with whom I try to discuss many things as much as possible. The other is heavy metal musician King Diamond, who I happen to be a big fan of. I watched an old interview of him from a Danish TV show dated around 1989 (click here and here to see, since for some reason the subtitled interview is split into two videos), and in the interview he sells the philosophy very well. When I saw it, I could not help but feel somewhat swayed.

A younger King Diamond.

I can’t help but imagine a hero going by the Satanic philosophy. He’d subscribe to seeking personal pleasure, a real thrill-seeker, he’d be hedonistic, but most importantly, his actions and values, and his desire to do good, stem from his own feelings. He fights and does good not from any kind of duty, but because he wants to, or from a spark that inspires his heroic feelings, and by extension his actions. Thus he is not a chained servant of the people or society, or a messiah destined to sacrifice himself to the world or to god, but a person who lives freely and acts according to his own feelings.

Not only that, but you can have other beliefs alongside the philosophy of Satanism, and you can be a moral, or at least decent, person while following the philosophy.

And yet we’re expected to follow THIS instead.

If it weren’t for these conclusions and thoughts, my good online friend, and King Diamond, I probably wouldn’t be convinced that my philosophy is related to Satanism. A few or more years ago, the idea of me even considering the philosophy seemed unthinkable, but that was because I preoccupied myself with mostly the creepy imagery and evil image (that can be blamed mainly on Christianity, Christian-influenced modern depictions of demons, the devil, and Satanism, and, of course, extreme metal, mainly Norwegian black metal). Though ironically,  when I thought of my values and philosophy, I didn’t consider Satanism. I just thought of Shin Megami Tensei, which was my main philosophical inspiration. It’s only recently that I saw Satanism as having any relation or similarity to my own philosophy, or how flexible it was.

This has nothing to do with religion, or temple organizations. I’m simply not interesting in being a member of any organizations like the Church of Satan. I’m merely interested in the philosophy and ideology, and to an extent identifying with it. This is mainly to do with the fact that I don’t sure fundamental philosophical positions concerning the existence of deities. LeVayen establishments tend to be atheistic, they don’t believe in the existence of God, and that Satan is a symbol of their ideological values. While theistic establishments tend to believe in a literal Satan. I meanwhile do not identify as an atheist, since, while I don’t believe in a demiurge (God), I am open-minded about the possibility of the spiritual/supernatural and the existence of spirits, gods, and demons, and neither am I a theist, since not only do theists believe in a god, but the concept of theism implies a requirement to worship said god, which I’m not that keen on. I’m kinda free-spirited about this. Besides, I don’t much care for the goat pentagram.

Not that this is anything against goats.

And so, for those reasons I think I’ll start identifying with the philosophy of Satanism, if mainly because my philosophy is quite similar to Satanism as a life philosophy. And like I said before, don’t expect me to go “Hail Satan” or something like that any time soon except as a joke or something tongue-in-cheek, especially since this is a philosophy thing, not a religious thing.


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