Why I hate the term “grow up”

Conformity in adulthood.

Often times in life you might be told by other people to “grow up”. It’s mainly just to bring you down, but I still just don’t like the term. To me, “grow up” just means conform, to surrender your brain and become an automaton, as the husband of a good friend of mine put it last summer. I don’t call that evolution or development if you ask me.

The only reason any of us buy this herd mentality crap is because we either accept as a natural part of life, see it as necessary for our survival, or both. Either way, this myth, and its venom, has been taking its toll on the human mind for generations. In adolescence and adulthood, pressure to conform is everywhere, but were we ever fighting it? I don’t know, but I’m gonna guess not, considering conformity still happens on the scale that it happens.

Are we just going to let conformity’s venom eventually kill our souls? We’re just going to let ourselves be chained and shackled to norms, and sit back and do nothing as our soul decays and dies from the mediocrity we surround ourselves with and immerse ourselves in as we get older. I certainly hope not. If we are to be free, the shackles of conformity and herd mentality need to be broken.

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