America’s contradiction of values

Recently I was told of the story of Edward Snowden, the man who worked for the NSA and leaked secret information kept by them and handed it to The Guardian newspaper. According to the stories, he had revealed that the NSA was putting surveilance programmes in the Internet to spy on just about everyone. The fact that the American government is spying on its own people using technology seems shocking, but to me, it’s not too new. Because the way I see it, this is another example the hypocrisy and contradiction of American political values (I don’t mean religious, as I already covered).

One the one hand, America is classically known for placing high value on freedom, more specifically freedom of speech and expression, and the right to privacy. But on the other, the American government seems to place high value on stability and “order”, sometimes more than freedom, even to the point that they’ll back up foreign dictatorships rather than support the rebels trying to depose them, while publicly condemning those dictatorships. And does anyone remember the PATRIOT Act, which Obama extended until two years from now? Some knight in shining armor. Some change.

Our saviour? My ass.

Speaking of Obama, this guy actually supports what those bastards at the NSA are doing. I thought he was the president of the land of the free, not the UK, or Russia, or fucking China, but America. But I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Guys like him and Hilary Clinton (whose ass just gets bigger every time she lies) have been supporting security states and foreign dictatorships and tyrants this whole time. It’s among the reasons she’s so horrible, along with any other politician. The reason I put the UK in that list of coutries that Obama is not president of (to make a point) is because, let’s face it, the dream of nanny-state is secretly in the heart of the UK government, and it has people like William Hague to support the statism of the US and the dictatorships of foreign lands, while spouting venoumous lies regarding how “law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear” (that sounds so much like what Bush’s cronies would say) among other false truths.

I wonder, why does the supposed land of the free have such a difficult time deciding what it really values. Does it truly have freedom in its heart, or is its soul fixated on control? Right now America and the world still suffer from those afflicted with the twin shadows of ignorance and evil in pursuit of the madness of social control in the name of the myth of order. The world has no need for any such people, and neither does humanity. I wonder, will America decide what it believes is the right thing, or continue to follow a policy of hypocrisy? I’m not even sure how I can know America’s answer. I can only hope, but I’m just not that patient.

Note: I feel I should make something clear here. I do have a major problem with America’s government, to the point that I see them as evil, but I do not feel the same way about America itself. I just feel America is struggling between the twin forces of freedom and security, and can’t seem to decide what it values more these days.


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