Fire and earth

Lava, or magma. A fusion of fire and earth. Looks kinda like the cover of The Beginning by Mercyful Fate.

It seems silly to go into elements, but that’s just what I do. From what you may guess, I seem like a mostly fire kinda guy. And you’d be right.

I am very passionate about my self-identity, keeping to who I am while my self develops alongside my roots. Creation and destruction is a thing I tend to either think about or have in my mind as a tick. Fire is known for having both properties. Some might notice me being somewhat explosive, or more or less controlled explosive. Fire is also present in the craving for self-empowerment, but then that might also relate to the common inner fire of want, and the desire for more. Perhaps in some the flame might be stronger than in others.

While we all like a bit of sexy in our live, I love it, or at least have a certain fixation on the sensual/sexual or sexy girls, and do not tend to fear stuff like lust. Apparently, this is related to earth. A solidity against oppression, an opposition to a go with the flow philosophy, and a refusal to be conquered can be seen as earth, but a rebellious denial of subjugation is also a fire thing. Strong will seems to be where fire and earth meet and agree with each other. So’s karma in a way.

An example of the sexy. Mainly for its own sake.

But we are all a blend of each element, so to speak. I believe introspection and internal reflection on what makes me who I am can strengthen your identity and values by revealing their roots, and I’m sure reflection and introspection are things associated with water. But it is motivated by the passion for self-identity, which is fire. I can also be kind, but that’s mainly either impulsive, motivated by getting something out of it, or the desire to pay someone back. In fairness, these could be found in anyone else too, due to reciprocal part of human nature. Then there are air traits, if inspiration and imagination counts. Creativity could be fire or air. Surely there has to the intellectual or philosophical involved with thought, which has to be sort of air or water, but then this’d also be used for fire goals.

All-in-all, I’m mostly fire, and earth is a considerable part of my personal make-up, and air and water are probably the small parts that make up the rest.


4 responses to “Fire and earth

  1. Hello interesting man me back again. I saw the words creation and destruction, and the other word ‘fire’. The picture of a volcano- awesome energy. Everyone seems to say water is the strongest element hey. Maybe in the old world or old astrology. And maybe thats y the old world took so bloody long to be seen with a new pair of eyes haha. Intensity plus is needed in todays world and for that fire leads the way. But then again i was born of fire so bias may reign there. Creation seems to blend naturally in with The Allness/Light/Actuality/Affirmative and destruction with the Void/Dark/Potentiality/Negative-Two avenues to the Absolute born from the same coin. Happy day c u ova the rainbow.

    • I agree. Water is not the most powerful force in nature. Chaos is. Beware, often times destruction is brighter and more brilliant than you may think.

      You say you are born of fire? What sign are you?

      • The energy you yourself project will inspire multitudes. You’ve that gift, I see it-a pioneer. I’m a Aries naturally, conjuncting minor planet chiron, chaos, and Eris. Fixed stars placements within my astro chart uphold my energy more so than traditional astrology. How old are you? I’ve been writing my thoughts on topics like u express for some years. Will publicize if all in a few years time. Here’s to leading the way as you so clearly do- a fellow being who dishes out his lot of chaotic fate and justice.

      • You’re Aries? No way, so am I! I am 19, it will be approximately 8 months before I turn 20.

        Thank you for your kind praises. I eagerly await the day you publicize your writings. “Chaotic fate and justice”? I’ve not heard that before, sounds interesting, though I don’t really believe in fate.

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