Pop rock doesn’t exist

A boy band, which is listed as pop rock. They aren’t rock! They’re just pop with guitars.

I honestly do not believe in pop rock. I think that pop rock is nothing more than either pop that tries to be rock or incorporate rock elements, or just rock of some kind.

Examples of more rock-oriented “pop rock” includes Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, many glam metal acts, Queen, and Green Day. Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and many glam acts are very much heavier hard rock groups with a slight leaning towards pop in their sound. Queen doesn’t really need to be called anything extra. They’re simply rock, and that’s all we need for a band like Queen. Green Day is more oriented to rock and punk rock than pop, though they fallen out of favour with their punk peers since they became massively popular and commercial.

I should also mention something called “pop-punk”. I always found that term weird. What’s pop about it? And doesn’t the word pop imply popular, which is usually at odds with punk philosophy? Isn’t that why Green Day later got shunned by the hardcore punk community they used to belong to? It’s not pop. It’s rock with an alternative and radio-friendly sheen that tries to have punk attitude, but punk fans will find that it has much less of the attitude that classic punk rock displays, or hardcore for that matter.

Examples of “pop rock” groups/artists that are really just pop include The Script, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, and any boy band (such as One Direction or the Jonas Brothers, both of  whose music Satan wouldn’t accept if you offered it with your soul). Boy bands aren’t rock. They’re just pop groups created by corporations to be sold to children and barely teenage girls until the band members turn 25. They’re just artificial with no real creative value. Bands like the Script are generally more pop-like in their sound, that or they may as well just be pop with rock soundings.

The rock group Genesis is an odd case. It started out as something like progressive or art rock, then Peter Gabriel left the band and Phil Collins took over. Under his direction, Genesis was pretty power pop group with rock elements. Then Phil Collins left in the 90’s, and his solo career is pretty much full-on pop.

And then there’s David Bowie, who is hard define since he crosses into not just pop and rock, but all sorts of other kinds of music, especially depending on the times. So I won’t comment on his music.

I think pop and rock are somewhat incompatible in their sound, and not in the same way that metal and hardcore punk are different. I just think pop rock is a label that has no meaning. I don’t think pop rock truly exists. It’s usually just rock with some pop in it.


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