I’m sick of anime being consistently stereotyped

This Futurama episode features a rather way of drawing anime.

Whenever I come across anime in the West, more specifically the West’s reaction to it, I find it stereotyped often. All Western culture seems to think of in anime are giant (often transforming) robots, spiky hair, coloured hair, male characters with a , magical schoolgirls, and superpowers. And don’t forget your daily dose of tentacle porn. Hell, the books you can buy that show you how to draw it resort to mediocre illustrations and stereotypes.

It’s just another case of Western cultural observers choosing their own ignorance over actually trying to understand. It’s this ignorance that sometimes makes those who like anime feel isolated by those who see it as childhish and alien, or at worst nothing but insane pornography.

As a fan of anime, I also dislike the how anime fans, otakus, or people who really love Japanese culture are portrayed as disgusting, hardcore nerds, having never “grown up” (a term of phrase I will rip on not too long after this post) or having no life. It’s no different to negatively stereotyping any group of people instead of understanding them or just not picking on them.

I know I haven’t said much, but I’m just expressing general hatred of ignorance towards anime, and how lots of people lump anime together all the same thing as Naruto, Dragonball, Magical Girl, Haruhi Suzumiya, Gundam, and hentai (a little like how some lump all heavy metal together as the same thing). But of course, none of this is gonna stop me from enjoying it.


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