The real reason Africa is suffering

Ever see those damned charity ads on TV? Most of them focus on poverty in Africa, and the suffering of children dying of either malnourishment or diseases from drinking dirty water. It’s that campaign to make you feel guilty enough to give some cash, thinking it’ll make a difference. Never mind that a lot of this charity stuff is a scam.

Me, my brother, and my dad happened to catch a charity ad while watching TV, and my brother failed to resist the temptation of ripping on it, and that’s when my dad said something interesting. He told me that many of these African countries are run by dictators who hoard money and resources to themselves without using any of it to help their countries and their people. He also mentioned that Africa has a lot of gold and diamonds hidden around, and the dictators keep the profits for themselves.


Pictured: Idi Amin Dada, an example of one such dictator.

After hearing what he had say about this, I’ve come to conclude that this makes perfect sense. Added to that, many African dictators are actually supported by the West. You know, the countries that are always trying to make us feel guilty about not giving a crap? The guys who trade weapons with Middle-Eastern and North African dictatorships like Libya and Syria? It’s no wonder that the countries who supposedly support freedom and human rights and condemn dictators aren’t doing anything to put those dictators down so that the resources can freely go to help those people.

So there you go, the real reason much of Africa is suffering is because of dictatorships hoarding money and resources for themselves instead supporting their own nations. If we actually got rid of those guys, it’d be a lot easier to help the people who are suffering. Whatever we give is only going to be pocketed by either the charity organizations, our governments, or the dictatorships in Africa.


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