The difference between religion, the occult, and astrology

I can’t believe I used to have some belief in this crap.

Once I read an almanac on astrology and saw an ad for occult stuff, and I heard the word astrology being used somewhere in associated with the occult. I don’t have experience in the occult, but I think I can say the idea that they’re related is bullcrap.

Here’s the difference between astrology and the occult, as well as religion.


Religion is basically a bunch of sacralized moral guidelines that are supposed to lead to salvation. We all know where that’s going these days.


The word occult means “secret knowledge”, or at least refers to it, and is basically practices pertaining to finding said knowledge. Sometimes includes magick.


Astrology is nothing more than a pseudo-science in which a sign is affixed to you based on your birth date and the stars, constellations, and planets control your life course and destiny (which is epistomologically retarded). These days, astrology is little more than something to put on calendars and newspapers.

So there you have it. It’s simplified yes, but that’s all it is really.

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