Why moralists are wrong about values

What I hate about moral guardians and some such people is that they want the media to teach people “good moral values” and be bereft of sex, violence, non-Christianity, and swearing, often at the expense of closed-mindedness and not reflecting the real world. That principle is something I hate a whole damn lot because they obviously don’t believe in people deciding their own values. They also seem like people who are plagued by self-denial and keen on denying all responsibility if they are parents. The problem with that ideal is that it denies the freedom of people to have their own values in favor of having the media dictate and decide everyone’s values. This is the antithesis of free thinking. Instead of allowing society or the media to decide our values for us and indoctrinate us, we should be encourage to forge our own path, find our own values, and find the things that make us who we are. Instead of choke-chaining artists and entertainers into making everything decent and family-friendly, we should let the creators be creators and express themselves freely. And instead of poisoning ourselves with self-denial and denying ourselves responsibility, we should take responsibility for ourselves. And I can see no reason why anyone, let alone moral guardians, should find a problem with that.


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