Burn all newspapers

Just about every British newspaper.

You know what I hate? Newspapers. Especially in the UK. Most of them do nothing but spout venomous lies about just about anything. They’re always “BAN THIS! BAN THAT!”. Is that our country’s favorite solution? They always do nothing but try to incite fear and panic, get attention, and brainwash people into believing whatever shit they tell them, and entice them with sports, TV schedules, special offers, boobs, ass, and astrology.

They just brainwash people and entice them by telling them what they want to hear, or what they think they want to hear. Most of them just spout any sensationalist story imaginable, everything dreg and lowest common denominator thing, and the same crappy hypocritical moralism is repeated ad nausea. Some that don’t have the trade-off of being pretty snooty instead. Either way, things like newspapers are just one more obstacle to independent thought and free thinking. And the worst part is that as long as we live in cities, towns, and other urban areas, we’re surrounded by them, and their spell of ignorance.

And that’s why I think we should cast off the spell of newspapers, and anything else like them, so that we may clear the way for making our own path and following our own values.


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