Chaos and nature veneration

A lush green jungle. One of the things I like about the natural world.

Philosophically, I believe in primal chaos as the prime substance, element, and foundation of all things, I’ve talked about it before quite a few times. Naturally, this means I venerate this chaos and all the primal. But do I venerate nature? In a way, I do. I get the idea to ponder this because lately I am thinking a lot about paganism and similar beliefs, as well as my own beliefs.

I already have some respect for nature and the natural world, and its beauty, as well as man-made beauty. We humans are also a product of nature, of chaos, and there is beauty in our image and us as humanity, mainly beauty in the potential of mankind and the fire in Man’s soul.  I also tend to appreciate nature through beautiful earth mother goddesses (such as Durga/Kali/Parvati/Shakti, Gaia, and others), and other goddesses and deities with any association with nature. Gods like Shiva also speak of something primal, rawness, energy, rage, and sexuality, and there’s immediately something symbolic about the deity being covered in serpents. In paganism, polytheism, and other belief systems, deities are viewed as embodiments of nature, and that’s the principle I guess I subconsciously use. One could say I never believed that we were separate from nature, rather we are part of it.

Kali, an example of a goddess who relates to nature, the primal, sexuality (in some way), energy, and what chaos is all about.

But that still pales in comparison to the connection between chaos, nature, and the primal. I find there is a connection in all those things. Nature is a manifestation of chaos, or in a way Nature is Chaos and Chaos is Nature. The primal is linked to chaos and nature intimately. You might find it inside of us and in nature. Sexuality as a part of nature is an expression of ecstasy and something much more primal. Emotions and feelings may also be similar expressions, rage and anger for instance being an expression of the gut flame within. The point is, if chaos and nature are the same or related, or if nature is a manifestation or expression of chaos, not to mention the cycles of nature (including creation, destruction and rebirth, or life, death, and rebirth, etc.), then surely by venerating chaos and the primal, I am venerating nature, or respecting it further. And if chaos is all-encompassing, so is nature.

Keep in mind, I’m not trying for peacey pacifist-ish New Age holistic stuff. I’m just saying that we as products of nature aren’t separate from it.


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