The sexist myth of the selfish gender

Homer Simpson is often a victim of this myth in The Simpsons.

One myth I am so sick of is the idea of the selfish gender. It’s a myth gleefully enforced by shows like the Simpsons, and by feminists. It’s the idea that one gender is egotistical, shallow, “selfish”, and thinks nothing about the other gender, and the other gender is infinitely altruistic, selfless, sweet, and benevolent, and always the victim. Yep, it’s the idea that men are the egotistical gender and women are the always selfless and kind gender. If that myth were true, I think it’s safe to say that none of us would be here, because neither gender would want to love each other.

An example of this myth in the Simpsons (episode 381, “Please Homer Don’t Hammer ‘Em”) is when Lisa tells Homer to “set aside your selfish male ego”, which is followed by Homer spontaneously shouting that he is perfect. The writing behind this scene is an obvious mouthpiece for that myth of the selfish gender and a bias towards the main female characters (but that’s beside the point).

The problem with this myth is that it ignores the fact women can be shallow and selfish too, just as much as men in fact. The fact of the matter is that both men and women are selfish, because all humans are selfish or self-interested by nature, but just selfishness, self-interest, or shallowness are not so bad on their own. In fact, they’re mainly for our own good and can result in good, bad, or neutral outcomes. It’s the bad outcomes that often result sometimes, and both men and women are capable of taking selfish nature the wrong way, both to the annoyance of others and sometimes their own destruction.

Point is, I am sick and tired of men being portrayed as the selfish and shallow gender when women can be just as shallow.


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