My opinion of glam metal

I mainly consider glam metal to be hard rock with make-up, but I like hard rock, so it doesn’t sound too bad. It’s kinda charming that it’s iconic of the 1980’s, I like the animalistic image sometimes associated with glam metal bands (unless I’m thinking about W.A.S.P.), and the sexual aspect of glam is somewhat appealing (god knows how many groupies these glam bands must’ve gotten lucky with). But the problem is that some of the bands are pop-like, or at least some songs are, and the magmatic attitude that characterizes metal is not guaranteed in glam metal/rock.

And need I mention the power ballads? I have a problem with them because they tend to take away from metal and make it resemble a softer, more tender rock at best, or pop at worst. And the worst part is that it’s romance that attracts the girls. Know what else that reminds me of? Boy bands. Yeah, it’s no wonder the thrash scene in LA hated them.

When I first heard of them from Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, I laughed hard, but not mockingly, it was just funny, especially the notion of Girls, Girls, Girls, and the music video. Then again, I was excited while watching the documentary.

All-in-all, I don’t hate glam metal, in fact I like it if it’s more hard rock or metal oriented, but I dislike its association with pop.


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