The sad thing about Jeff Hanneman’s death

Normally I don’t post twice on the same day, but as a metal fan I must post about this subject.

Jeff Hanneman (1964-2013)

Yesterday, Jeff Hanneman, one of the founding members of Slayer, died of liver failure, possibly connected to a skin ailment suffered from a spider bite. I heard of it this morning when Rob Zombie, System of a Down, and Megadeth were mourning him on Facebook. I personally don’t identify myself as a fan of Slayer, but I am a metalhead, and I of all people recognize Slayer’s role in the evolution of heavy metal. So I’m inclined to think this guy is important, especially if three of my favourite metal bands are paying their respects.

But you know what sucks? It’s only the metal community and the bands that are gonna be mourning him. Meanwhile, if a pop star dies, then everyone’s mourning him/her, or more or less encouraged to. Worse in the case of Amy Winehouse, who binged on alcohol and eventually died of it, and yet we act like it wasn’t her fault. The sad thing about Jeff Hanneman’s death, and that of other metal musicians, is that only those who appreciate the art are going to show their respects, while hacks in the pop world are mourned by everyone, and I’m sick of this happening.

Well I’m going to join those who are actually going to show their respects. Rest in peace Jeff.


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