Self-denial sucks

Marge Simpson, one of the advocates of self-denial I hate the most.

Among the things I fight against the most are sexual repression/oppression and self-denial. Here, I’ll tell you why.

The way I understand it, self-denial is the principle of blockading oneself from pleasures such as sex and intoxication, as well as suppressing desire, excitement, and passion and denying oneself those things. It’s the central principle of every closed-minded paranoid moral guardian and his/her brainwashed followers, and one the chief values of Christianity and Islam.

The reason I oppose it is its sheer asceticism, it’s complete rejection of ecstasy, passion, desire, and anything pertaining to the id, and I think society today is the poorer for its aversion to the wild, passionate, and sexual. Thanks a lot Christianity. But to be fair, it’s not just Christianity. There are Indian religions (and sects of those) devoted to asceticism, including Jainism, some forms of Hinduism, Mahayana Buddhism in a way, and some other sects of Buddhism, such as Shugendo. Modern religion in general seems to be very keen on seperating the material/carnal from the spiritual and denying the value of the material end of the spectrum. And contemporary society can only think to choose between spirituality and materialism (often in the form of modern atheism), little realizing the possibility of living in both worlds (which primitve man did). The sad thing is that self-denial and shunning pleasure and desire is considered spiritual, when really it’s not (or at least not necessarily).

The point is, I hate the family values campaign of sexual oppression and self-denial, as well as the religious one, because it pretends to be moral but actually serves no moral purpose, and may as well be actually immoral. Think: when did we repress sex in our society before? Medieval Christian Europe. Take your guess as to where that lead. What’s an example of a society that represses sex to the point they won’t even let you talk about AIDS? India. Yep, freaking India. You know? The same place that used to be very open and frank about sex. The moral guardians also claim they’re in the interest of “protecting children”, but they’re not. They just don’t like the fact everything isn’t family values or tailored to Christians, children and soccer mommies.

So to conclude, if we let the crusaders of sexual oppression and self-denial win, you can look back and take a good look at where that will lead.

2 thoughts on “Self-denial sucks

  1. I think Theravada is more “self-denying” than Mahayana. Some Mahayana schools allow monks and priest to get married and have families. Theravada says that only monks and other renunciates can become enlightened (laymen can become anagamis however.) while Mahayana believes enlightenment is for everyone regardless of layman or monastic.

  2. Good afternoon!! I just wanted to stop and say that I have been reading and subscribing to your blog for a month now, and I am thrilled to know that there are others who think, and have very similar perspectives on life as I do! I feel at home on your blog!! You are the most realistic, understanding, wise and very intelligent person that I have ever met!! Words cannot explain how elated I am for having found this website by accident at work LOL! This post was on point! you ALWAYS stimulate me mentally, which reaffirms my OWN beliefs about the man that I always wanted to be, and allows me to truly be myself!! Being a young black, Luciferian man in South Carolina (USA), it is imperative to KNOW thyself. Individuality, among a slew of other things are shunned upon, which is why I fight so hard on a daily basis to be who I am!! Thank you!! Continue to shine your light for you are the beacon that has fully awakened me and gave me a new outlook on my life!!!

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