Bright Darkness

I just want to mention my concept of a bright darkness.

There’s the typical kind of darkness: profoundly evil, great horror, annihilationistic, empty, extolled by so many black metal album covers. Then there’s what I call bright darkness, or the quality of dark. It’s edgy, sweet, vibrant, alive, sensual, carnal, so like desire. You might even call it demonic, even kind of divine. I guess what I’m trying to refer to is the id. Or a carnal power of some sort.


4 responses to “Bright Darkness

  1. Darkness comes with hope and without it. When it comes with hope it is carnal, malevolent, and vibrant. When it comes without hope it is still, cold, and desolate.

    We all experience both of them. You pick which you want to live in.

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