The carnality of chaos

Yet again I’m referring to Shiva, particularly in his Nataraja depiction, for he is symbolic of creation, destruction, and rebirth, and its primal, energetic, carnal motion.

I have been wrapping my head around some ideas lately, the carnality of chaos being one of them. I have been thinking lately, until a good friend of mine helped me remember the relation of chaos to creation and destruction.

He said this:

“What could be more Carnal, more Primal, than the pattern of creation and destruction that the Universe has incorporated at the core of its being?”

That sounds awesome. I think I should extent that to rebirth as well.  When I asked him how that is, he told me it’s to do with the cause and effect, and that it precedes from the spiritual, or the mysterious prime mover force beyond as I may call it, perhaps the deepest expression of chaos. He goes on to tell me that without the beautiful, terrifying, and powerful energy of Chaos, all would be a stagnant, barren void. Hell, in my opinion, if it weren’t for the energy and movement that is inherent in Chaos, nothing would ever have been born in the first place. Period.

Through that principle, I begin to understand the importance of motion and energy to life. Who knows? Maybe the prime principle of all is energy. Energy that has a kind of primeval, cosmically carnal quality. Primal energy that moves all, that motivates the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and maybe the fundamental of something beyond the physical matrix as well. And maybe this energy feeds into desire. After all, we are creatures of chaos, born of the matrix we call the universe (or multiverse, or whatever the fuck we decide to call it).

Hevajra, from Tibetan Buddhism, also wonderfully illustrates the primal motion in the same way as Nataraja. In fact, the two deities, and their iconography, are quite related to each other.

I am now at the conclusion that the essential nature of chaos consists the swirling and movement of primal energy, the play of creation, destruction, and rebirth, and the endless motion of a timeless, primeval, metaphysical force. Chaos is carnality; physical, spiritual, metaphysical, primal. And I’m starting to think a primal energy may be the prime principle of it all.