To be strong in the sea of change

I have a thought lately. A short one.

Everywhere you go change happens, but you don’t have to let your thoughts be dictated by the ever-changing world around you, or at least not fully. Change is a part of the fundamental moton of reality, part of chaos, and has been proven to be good. But even though we are born of chaos, we also have free will. We don’t have to change just because the world does. If you’re strong you’ll maintain your identity, and be more rooted in who you are, but if you’re weak of heart, the tides of change will push you around and you will have no self-identity, and your mind will be nothing but a mess of confusion with no solid place.

Never let yourself be swept up, find your roots and your foundation, and stay true to who you know you are. Travel outside the box, but return to your foundation whenever you feel confused and doubtful.