A bad joke

Oh, a skull logo. How imaginative!

Ever since it got uncancelled, or sometimes in general, Family Guy always seemed like just Seth McFarlane’s outlet for his liberal, atheistic views, and it’s barely subtle. Hell, he has a complete character who is his primary author avatar and full-blown noisebox for McFarlane’s worldview. And another thing McFarlane is bullshit on is heavy metal.

In “Saving Private Brian”, while Brian and Stewie get enlisted in the army, Chris joins a heavy metal band (which they name Splashlog) as the lead vocalist, and completely changes pretty much overnight, and according to the story, the lyrics and imagery make him a violent and rude person, and he enshrines Marilyn Manson in his room (even though he’s probably never heard him until this episode), so the Griffins get Marilyn Manson (not voiced by the real Marilyn Manson) to convince Chris to become a good old-fashioned family boy again.

The whole message is complete bullshit. The premise of the episode is that listening to heavy metal (which the show clearly views as “violent music”, the same label moral guardians use to vilify heavy metal) corrupts your mind and makes you into an aggressive person who wears white and black face paint (I swear it’s corpse paint), changes your hair, wears spiked collars and cuffs, and wears black all the time. The episode also seems to think that violent lyrics immediately corrupt your mind and make you violent. And the show does a piss poor job of advocating that. It rips on heavy metal lyrics by referencing an album made by a hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan, not a heavy metal band. The album in question was Enter the Wu-Tung (36 Chambers) and the lyrics Lois read were from the song “Bring Da Ruckus” (does that fucking sound like a heavy metal song to you, Seth?). Here’s the lyrics:

I rip it hardcore, like porno-flick bitches

I roll with groups of ghetto bastards with biscuits

They probably just selected the random most explicit part of the lyrics and tried to attach a hip-hop song to heavy metal just to discredit heavy metal, all while doing a shitty job of that. It’s just petty moral guardian crap.

And we’re expected to accept that? I’m expected to find that funny? That real music is being misapporiated by some rich high and mighty holier-than-thou prick?


4 responses to “A bad joke

  1. Family Guy is just a crude rip-off of the Simpsons. They try to shock you through disgusting antics, and they pretty much lack any humor. I get really ticked when people compare it to South Park. The main difference between Family Guy and South Park is that South Park actually makes good points, which make up for the disgusting bits.

    • Family Guy can be good at times, but I prefer South Park, even to the Simpsons, mainly because when the Simpsons got lamer in newer series, it was much lamer. When Family Guy lamer, it was simply more objectionable (and painful to watch) than previous times, but with the Simpsons it’s just lamer. Plus for both FG and Simpsons had a higher pitch and brighter voices, which I can’t stand. And that’s why I prefer.South Park.

  2. This is awesome, I completely agree with you on every level. It’s obvious that seth has NO idea what the hardcore scene is really like. and I never though this episode did any harm but now that I read this post I can see where you are coming from. It’s pretty insulting to people like myself who enjoy metal and hardcore, but are not in that that stereotype. well said

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