To forge your own path

Imagine that life and the world around you is a desert, and your task is to traverse it on your own, carrying with you your own identity and worldview, carrying with you a flag bearing of all your individuality on it.

After dealing with many religions and philosophies and reacting to them, I remind myself that, no matter what, I should follow my own path, stick to my guns, and retain the strength to do it.

I’ve looked into Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Satanism, and other religious beliefs, and for each I have some respect (I love Hindu and Buddhist art, I respect and even somewhat agree with Satanist ideas, and I think there’s something about the pagan world I like), but in the end, I’ll never fully consider myself to be either one, and it seems to me that labelling myself as either particular system would be pointless because it would ignore the rest of my worldview. In my case at least, it’s better to simply have my own path.

Besides, all worldviews start this way. Every philosophy, ideology, religion, and worldview known to man was started by someone following their own values and beliefs. Buddhism was started by one man’s (Siddhartha Gautama) determination to find his own answers, and he came to his own conclusion. Satanism was started by a man  (Anton LeVay) forming his own beliefs and views. Christianity started off as a Jewish offshoot built around the vision of a man (Jesus) who was killed before he could do it himself. Judaism was started by a man (Abraham) who rejected the religion around him, too bad he to go and try to force it on others. Pretty much all religions follow the trend of one person forming their own conclusions. Same with all philosophies and ideologies. So it makes sense to form your own conclusion

Whatever starts your worldview, whatever you take from the world around and use to form it, what matters is that you form something unique to you and rooted in who you are as you see it.

Good luck to all who wish to undertake in the same neverending journey as I.


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