Catholicism and me

With another old geezer being given the seat of papal authority, just another voice to tell people what to do, I figure I’d talk about something I really don’t like, again.

To be honest, when it comes to Christianity, most of the time I don’t even see Catholic or Protestant. It’s all the same insidious crap to me. But the Catholic church as an individual religious entity deserves a mention.

My family is part Italian (my dad’s side comes from Southern Italy), and my dad wanted me Catholic. Apparently my twin brother and I used to go to a Catholic Church when we were only babies and my other older brother and sister were only toddlers. There was this other family and their kids were out of control, and the priest didn’t bother them, but when my siblings were doing the same thing, the priest had the balls to tell my mom to keep them under control. That’s when she called him out for his hypocrisy. You might ask: what hypocrisy? You know the family the priest didn’t bother? They gave money to him, or rather more money. My mom told me the story just this morning. It’s the reason we never go to a Catholic church anymore (except for one time in Italy and that was sightseeing as far as I was concerned).

She went on to tell me two things about the Catholic church. (1) The church is always asking for more money, even though they’re already pretty damn rich (it doesn’t help that most if not all religious organizations are considered tax-exempt), and (2) they’ll absolve any bad you do and then say “It’s alright, Jesus forgives you”. You can kill someone one day, get absolved, do it again, and Jesus will forgive, whereas that person should be punished.

Then there’s the Crusades, the pedophile priests, Papa Ratzi, the Church stopping Africa from having condoms, Catholic schools, and nuns scaring children to near death. I’ve heard all that more than a few times, and I obviously don’t like it, but all that pales in comparison to the two primary reasons for my hatred of the Catholic church, though to be fair it’s the same reasons I hate Christianity as a whole. First is their long campaign of oppression and subjugation of everyone who disagreed with them, including their oppression of pagans and witches. This culminates in the witch hunts and Inquisitions all over Europe and even one in India. Secondly, perhaps most They nurture a weakness in millions of people that leads them to seek out false hope in the form of a voice telling them what to do. The church seems to have some influence, because there are still millions who travel to Rome to hear the Pope’s words, they seem eager to be told what to do. Hell, if you need proof we as a society still sides with the church, the next Pope being chosen has been given too much attention by news media. If we really didn’t care about religion, this would’ve only gotten mild attention at best.

And have the crimes of the church been punished? No! No justice. Their actions have gone pretty much unpunished. No due punishment. If any pope has apologized, then it makes up for nothing, it is as worthless as David Cameron apologizing for Bloody Sunday 38 years after it happened, all while he was never personally involved in it, and while no justice has been delivered to the culprits. And in spite of that, and the bullshit dogma, my Dad was not only Catholic, but tried to raise me and my brother Catholic? He must not be very smart.

And that’s why I hate Catholicism, but really, as I said, it’s all the same Christianity, all the same crap.

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