In praise of teenage rebellion (and it shouldn’t just be teenage)

Rebellion is something I have always praised, unless it’s not genuine, but that’s besides the point.  Not only do I extoll the virtues of teenage rebellion, but I also want to make the statement that teen rebellion shouldn’t have to be just teenage.

I’ve heard parents devaluing their rebellion as just a phase, but only a small part of that is true. Teens see the world around them and want to explore on their own, and don’t what their parents are doing, or what they’re trying to make them believe, so of course they decide to rebel. And that’s something I advocate. If parents are trying to indoctrinate you and condition you into something you don’t believe or don’t want, of course rebelling against them is the right thing to do.

I’m not saying teens are absolutely right about everything, and if they turn out to be wrong, then learning from it is important. But I’m just extolling the virtues of teenage rebellion. I even have something to say to any teenagers who may be reading.

If you want to rebel, live free, and walk your own road, you must do so by your own strength. If you are strong, your self-emancipation will be achieved, and your rebellion will be complete. I am still in pursuit of that goal, but don’t follow my example, be your own.

I just wish their exercising of free will and quest for independence wasn’t just teenage. As adults, our defiance is slaved out of our spirits, so it seems. The notion that just because your older you stop being defiant and independent is a product of our mythology and our system. Cling to your teenage spirit and you’ll keep the youth and the strength, and if you lose sight of it, you’ll feel aged and be easier to string along.


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