Making war

 After this post, I’ll posting less frequently, because I need space to think, again.

A little like this, except genuine. And I look nowhere near like that.

My mom refers to me as belligerent, “just like my father” apparently. My brother complains about the way I see things. I just view things through a different prism, I just try to be true to who I am, or what I view as my self-identity.

I may make war every now and then, but that is part of not just my characteristic of fighting for what I want and what I value, but also part of  my philosophy that says asserting yourself is key to your freedom.

My belligerence and rebelliousness, I feel, is justified. I don’t trust anything I see as wrong. When something’s the direct opposite of what I stand for, I fight it. I stick to my guns as much as possible until it’s over or I have no choice left. That’s my way. Part of that I may have learned to embrace more through heavy metal, but if I stand for something, I’m asserting my view, and you don’t have to agree with me, but if you oppose me, expect me to oppose you.


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